Where am I in the Raptor 2 Queue? When is my board shipping?




  • Sam Deste

    The dates lists dosent make sense or I’m not getting it

    It’s november now but all that’s shipped are ones from months ago so only two lots have been shipped

    Where’s the updates on where the boards are or delivery times ect cheers

  • Adrian Mok

    Hey Sam, 

    Here is the link to the latest shipping information. I took a closer look at your board in particular, and our estimates currently is that it will be ready to ship come the week of Dec 22nd. 

  • Lennie

    Come on guys - these charts look like no one cares from your side.  I am being told shipping resumes this week (i.e. December) but your chart shows none of the November batches have shipped yet.  I like the idea of this chart but at least try to align your messaging.  I am assuming we can add 1 month to these estimates?  

  • mike

    Why does the chart still show early November orders as still in progress? Is nothing going out? The chart should show early December as in progress, unless of course there's another delay.

  • Gerasimos Armenis

    Sorry but I'm not getting any sense with this shipping update...!!!

    the first group of September doesn't shipped yet...!!!

    and I am in the second group of December....

    that means I'll get my Raptor maybe... never...

    and I talking about my order from April 2017..!!! 

  • Raymond

    I ordered my board in august 2017. I was told i would ship in oktober 2017. Then i was told january. Now i On the list ITS not gonna ship until mar 2018!!!
    This is not Ok.

  • Adrian Mok

    Hi Raymond and Gerasimos,

    We appreciate that it's incredibly frustrating for our customers to continually have their shipment dates pushed back, but all information regarding shipment times has been based on the most current information that we have at any time. Unfortunately, we have encountered numerous hurdles to our production scale up, the latest involving a full transition to a new assembly factory in China, owing to the inability of our old team to meet production deadlines. We knew that this would cause short term disruption to production and hence shipping, but we felt this was the best move for our customers at the end of the day.

    We sincerely apologise if this causes you any inconvenience, and we are also aware that some customers have had their peak riding seasons pass during their wait. If you are due to receive your board in winter, and you want to schedule your board delivery for when your riding season recommences, please contact our 24/7 live support team via our website and this can be arranged.

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