June 27th Update: Raptor 2 Delivery Timeline + production issues




  • Sam Deste

    This is fucked why take our money advertising that board release was may and then drag it out for 4 months not happy it will want to be better than my evolve carbon gt and boosted dual 2 then !!! I'm just pist off but hope it's worth the weight

  • Adrian Mok

    It will blow all these other boards out of the water!! It will indeed be worth the wait!

    We apologise for the delays, but unfortunately, these are the hard lessons to be learnt in upscaling a business with offshore manufacturing and worldwide delivery. Hopefully we're over the biggest hurdles now so that we can get you guys riding ASAP!

  • Sam Deste

    After reading the article I've got to appoligise, that's fucken awesome the pride in workman ship and seeing finally a biz not selling out and even though expanding, not becoming all about quantity and all about quality!! Which is bloody awesome really , in this day and age of in and out like a coral trout money makers

    I take back the wine I had and can't wait now to do my vlog shoot out with all three boards giving an unbiased in depth run down and side by side tests ,

    It hopefully will be a mad endorsement for you guys and a honest no holds bared, zits and all look at the pros and cons of all three boards and help anyone looking at spending $2000k ish on a board

    Which one to get, why choose that one, and which lasts, goes furtherest, fastest and our lasts the others

    Sorry again, I'd rather wait and not have to send the board back for repairs or faults, like certain other Boards,

    That I won't mention

    Ha ha hopefully see it soon

    👍 Desty

  • Adrian Mok

    I'm really glad you took the time to read this article and that it changed your perspective on things!! It's exactly what you said, we're not willing to compromise on quality, especially not when we're this close to having everything in full swing. We think it's vital that if people are spending 2k on a board, that they truly get the best experience possible, both with their product as well as with pre- and post- sales service and support.

    We can't wait until you post a Vlog review! Having third parties such as yourself review our product is one of the best ways for our potential customers to see what it's really like to have our board!

    Thanks for keeping the faith and supporting Enertion Sam, we appreciate each and every one of our customers!


  • Sam Deste

    Will we be all emailed which batch ( or release date batch of boards) we are included in? So we know which dates apply to us all and can make plans or organise what ever needs to be, so delivery is seemless like we know your boards will be? Cheers
    I only ask as I know mates and my self that have ordered boards we work away and don't want them sent back or uncollected sorry for being a pest I know your flat out with every thing else just thought this question others are wondering as well

    Ps loved some of the vids I've seen so far too 👍

  • Adrian Mok

    Hi Sam,

    I completely get where you're coming from. We have a lot of customers in a similar position to you, and the last thing we'd want is for the board to show up when you're not there to collect it!

    Please rest assured that we will keep you as informed as possible as we get closer to shipping the next batch of boards - the usefulness of any projected estimates for shipping rely on us getting this next shipment out in good time (by mid-August we hope.)

    I'm hoping to get another email sent out soon to our Raptor 2 customers to provide you with a more detailed update on Raptor 2 production. Just like this article, we'll be posting it here as well for your convenience.

    Thanks for your comments :) 

    P.S. The vids are great aren't they? It's so exciting for us to see a few non-Enertion people make some content too - we can't wait till Youtube is flooded with happy Raptor 2 owners' videos!

    Kind regards,


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